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The official Richard Barnes voice-over web site, with samples of some of his latest work.
Richard Barnes is an Australian journalist and presenter who moved to Europe in the mid-80's
and has become renowned for his journalistic and voice-over work world-wide.

»»   D E M O S
Here are a few samples of my work. I've tried to give a cross section of different styles, however of course if you would like to hear a specific style, I can easily put something together and send you a personalised demo.
I've left a couple of pieces as "cold voice" tracks so you can get a better idea of how the voice is without being drowned out by music.

««   Inside Grand Prix
These clips are taken from the programme "Inside Grand Prix" shown on Europe's top sports channel "Eurosport" as well as around the world on various other networks. They are produced by RTV in Germany and sponsored by Allianz.

««   Allianz promo
This was the voice track to a promo spot made for the Allianz Safety Focus reports which are, apart from being broadcast on CNN, also distributed to individual TV stations in many parts of the world.
««   Allianz Safety Focus
This is the cold voice track of one of the Allianz spots for CNN etc. The voice-overs are recorded in MP3, then sent by e-mail to the German production house (RTV) and then, after mixing, to CNN and the other stations.
««   Jaguar
This is more of a "posh" style - suitable for high quality products and services - for both advertising and commentaries etc.

««   Valentine
More of a romantic read, believe it or not...
Film Short
««   Film Short
This is a demo of a style suitable for film promos or other kinds of promos of this style.
The Zone
««   The Zone
For games, CD-ROM's etc... this style should fit the bill...
««   Wallys
As an Aussie, my accent has all but gone, having lived in Europe for 17 years. However I can bring it back when I want. Here's an example.
««   Allianz Safety Issues
Here are a couple of short examples of the "Allianz Safety Issues" reports that you may have already seen on CNN etc. The style is quite factual and "sporty".
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