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The official Richard Barnes voice-over web site, with samples of some of his latest work.
Richard Barnes is an Australian journalist and presenter who moved to Europe in the mid-80's
and has become renowned for his journalistic and voice-over work world-wide.

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Riviera Radio Richard Barnes' career began as a radio presenter and journalist in New South Wales, Australia in 1978. In the early 1980's, he worked in the upper echelons of radio journalism in Sydney (2WS, 2UE and 2SM), going on to create an entire news service for Radio 2LM Lismore in the North of the state: a service which, in its year of inception, won the Pater Award for the best non-metropolitan news presentation in Australasia, as well as being finalist in the Best Single Event News Coverage (open). The following year, he worked as breakfast news editor for United Network in Queensland (4BC), taking the Pater Award for Metropolitan News Presentation.

In the mid-80s, he moved to Europe, working as a journalist and presenter with such prestigious stations as Radio Forth in Edinburgh during the Commonwealth Games, and Capital Radio in London, the biggest commercial station in the United Kingdom, compiling reports for their programme, The Way It Is.
Richard BarnesIn a major career move, he launched into European Radio in the latter part of the 80s, moving to Monte Carlo and working for the local English language station, Riviera Radio. He then moved into television, creating a half-hour Sunday night talk/magazine programme on Télé Monte Carlo called "Sunday". With this programme running three years in the early 90s, he hosted the countless stars passing through the region, becoming known for his honest treatment of subjects. Exclusive interviews included Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert of Monaco, The Scorpions, Donna Summer, Kurt Vonnegut, Olivia Newton-John, Cliff Richard, Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, Shirley Bassey, Shirley MacLean, Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, Kylie Minogue, Robert Vaughn and Claudia Shiffer just to name a few. He also hosted the French presentation of The World Music Awards for several years, and was, for two years, anchor man for a monthly magazine programme on Superchannel, the European satellite channel, with a highlight including one-to-one interviews with most of the major members of the Russian government (Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for finance, mayor of St. Petersburgh, minister for foreign economic development, etc.). Through the latter part of the 90's, up until today, he has been in charge of media relations for the World Music Awards.

Richard BarnesOne highlight of his TV/Video production career was the production and presentation of the official video documentary (52 minutes) of the 101st International Olympic Committee meeting in Monaco, where Australia was selected as host nation for the year 2000 Olympics. In order to make the film, he directed two video teams throughout the event, conducted 35 interviews, and directed all editing and post production, adding his voice to the English version of the production. He was personally congratulated by the organisers and Prince Albert of Monaco for the quality of the production.

Other work has included co-ordination of the English language section of the Internal TV for the Cannes Film Festival (Festival TV), M.C. for such events as MIDEM and MIP-TV, the hosting of news conferences for such diverse entities as Diana Ross and Rothmans Formula One, and the presentation of videos for Aérospatiale (Aerospace Division), Lancaster, Digital Equipment, Nice-Riviera International Airport, etc...

More recently, he has become renowned as being the voice on "Allianz Safety Issues" on CNN Worldwide, and for the presentation of the bi-weekly Formula One programme, "Inside Formula" on Europe's number one Sports TV network, Eurosport.
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